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Course testimonials 


“Being shown how to give myself kindness and self-compassion was amazing. My inner critic is certainly weaker.... I wish this course has existed 30 years ago - I could have changed my life earlier. Alex is a brilliant teacher” - Kate, Tadworth.


“This is a beautiful course. It’s helped me find more beauty and kindness in myself and the world. I also wish my male friends and the people I love (even those I don’t) could do this course and find more peace and compassion in their lives too” - Carol, London.


"This course taught us how to reparent ourselves... It will help you become your own best friend and discover your worth"- Eliza, London.

“Thank you very much for everything. Your love and kindness towards us have tremendously affected our learning on this course.

I sincerely think this course is the best course I have attended so far in my life!

 It has helped me to look at how I was living my life and realised that the great barrier to enjoying one’s life is that we tend to beat ourselves up, think too much and live with a negative bias. When I look back, I was always fearful. I can imagine a different life now.

The MSC course has helped me to change my life through love and kindness… No matter where your life is heading at the moment, please come and do this course”
– P, London.

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