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Naturopathy and Mindfulness-Based Therapies Consultaions

Health is everything. How healthy we are determines our energy levels, our ability to grow and flourish, and  it determines our ability to enjoy our families, friends, work and hobbies. Without health, our lives are seriously diminished. 


In the West we tend to medicate symptoms rather than consider what is at the root cause of the problem. For example:

Eczema is not a symptom of steroid cream deficiency.

Headaches are not due to a lack of paracetamol.

Anxiety isn’t due to a lack of valium. 

Joint pain isn’t about a low serum level of ibuprofen.


What we eat, how we use our bodies, how we sleep and even how we think all have an influence on our bodies’ ability to function well and be free from disease. 


There is also a focus in the West on “sick care” where the healthcare system waits for you to become ill, rather than investing in helping people prevent the development of poor health. 


Naturopathy is a powerful system of healthcare that recognises the whole person must be treated in order for true healing to happen and to prevent future ill health.


Alex will:

investigate the root causes of your symptomology with an in-depth case study, physical examination where necessary and laboratory testing if required. 

consider your genetical predisposition to certain illness such as heart disease and put an achievable plan in place to ensure that gene does not need to express itself in the future. 

explore simple but profound changes to your diet and suggest supplements that will support your healing.

examine your lifestyle and suggest small tweaks that make a BIG difference.

give advice on taking herbal and ayurvedic medicine if your system needs an extra boost. 

hold you accountable to making the agreed changes - we sometimes already know what we need to do but for some reason are blocked from making them. Accountability and various mindfulness-based techniques will help you stick to your intentions to reap long-term rewards.


How long have you been experiencing this symptom or symptoms? What do you think it will take to overcome them? How much time do you need? 

I will keep you to work out the answers to these questions and create a treatment plan tailored to you that will lead to life-changing results.



"Alex is the warmest and kindest practitioner and was an important guiding light for me in the time we worked together. With her support, I was able to get my nutrition and health on track, develop emotional and physical resiliency, and set up a practice of brain trainings and mindfulness that have helped me stay grounded this past year. Her approach to caring for both physical and emotional health by addressing the root causes of my concerns and treating them in a holistic way helped me finally get my gut health and anxiety on track and gave me the tools to manage my own long-term wellness. I'm so grateful for her compassion, knowledge, and guidance!”, Solveig, London.


Naturopathic consultation fees:

£90 for initial 90 minute case history take and initial treatment plan notes and write-up. 

£70 for 55 minute follow-ups.


Low-cost sessions available for those on benefits, pensioners, those affected financially by the pandemic and those earning less than £25,000 per year. Please contact me for more details. 


In-person treatment available:

Mindful Touch Massage - developed by Alex. A blend of ultra gentle pressure touch massage, lympathic drainage with mindful awareness to help you relax deeply, gently detoxify and connect to yourself and the present moment. You will leave feeling centred, relaxed and emotionally ‘held’. £70 per 55 minute session (book the "follow-up" naturopathy and mindfulness session). 


Clinic hours 

Monday and Tuesday: Online or in-person sessions at the Light Centre Belgravia or the Light Centre Monument, between 11am and 4pm.


Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays: online sessions are available between 7am and 9am, or between 10am and 1pm or between 3pm and 5pm.


Saturdays: online sessions are available from 7am-11am. 


I can come to your home for an addition £30 callout fee (anywhere in a 10 mile radius to Forest Hill, South East London. 

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