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Naturopathy/Health Screening Testimonials (Scroll down for Mindfulness Course Testimonials)



Alex has a wonderful way of making you feel very comfortable during your sessions. She is extremely knowledgeable in her chosen field and this shines through in the effectiveness of her treatments. As a registered nurse I was keen to try out other more natural interventions to improve my quality of life. High stress levels and long hours had led to bad diet and constant fatigue. Alex has changed my life, I would highly recommend her.


Melanie, London


I would heartily recommend Alex – she is a dedicated, professional, caring and compassionate practitioner who will treat you as an individual to find the root cause of your condition. After just one session, I felt more positive and noticed big improvements in my condition within a matter of days. Sessions with Alex have been a life-changing experience and I feel excited about the future.


Andrea, Liverpool


I immediately felt cared for and looked after in Alex's presence. I have learnt many valuable things about myself, and about nutrition, and for that I will be eternally grateful. Alex went the extra mile. This included recommending books, writing emails and being a fabulous support throughout. My health and wellbeing has been improved and the results are tangible. I could even put my hand on my heart and say with certainty that the sessions with Alex have changed my life. And that is saying something!


Katie, London


With Alex's health care advice and positive emotional guidance, I have made some very major changes in my life. As well as giving my diet an easy but effective overhaul I feel I now have the tools I've always needed to manage my emotional and physical health in the long term.I had visited lots of doctors and therapists in the past, but Alex was able to “get me “ and get to the heart of my issues very quickly bringing about changes I'd never thought possible. I feel like a whole new healthier, happier and significantly more confident person and I'm very grateful to Alex for this. If you have any ongoing health issues either physical or emotional I would whole heartedly recommend Alex . 


Robin, London


I went to see Alex at the beginning of the year as I was suffering from headaches. She and I made subtle changes in my diet which helped me to feel sustained and happier throughout the day. These changes are still with me to this day. Although the help Alex gave me was not only regarding detoxes and diet; I ended up opening up to Alex on emotional issues that were being repressed and causing negative effects on my body and mind. I can honestly say without Alex’s help I wouldn’t have the acceptance for my issue, and I wouldn’t feel the happiness l about myself I feel today. Alex is an understanding, compassionate practitioner who treated my problems with care and respect. 


Hannah, London


I had a few sessions with Alex early this year when I was feeling very low in energy. Her empathy and very helpful suggestions of quite simple changes have revitalised me in body and spirit. 


Ann, London


I visited Alex a few times and I would certainly recommend her. Alex is professional yet warm and approachable, which helped to make me feel at ease. She helped me to successfully address a really wide range of issues, from diet and nutrition, stress management to phycical ailments and emotional problems. She does it all in a very calm manner, is thorough at explaining everything clearly and makes sure you leave feeling well informed, listened to and most importantly more positive. If you have any ongoing physical or emotional health problems, Alex may just be your answer!


Katie, London


After seeing Alex for just under a year, I have been taught manageable changes to both my diet and lifestyle. This combined with treatments given in the sessions have boosted my health and given me more control with it. I would highly recommend booking in with Alex. 


Katie, London


I came to see Alex for specific direction on my diet and food intolerances and was offered, and provided with, much more than that. I felt very well looked after and listened to in regards to my health issues. I learnt very managable and lifestyle changing ways of improving not just my physical health, but also my overall well being. I have made much mention of Alex to friends who I also feel would benefit from her ability to put your health issues and worries at ease.


Abi, London


Alex was able to very quickly connect my ill health to a food intolerance. I followed her advice and was relieved of my symptoms, which have not returned. Her holistic approach treated the root cause, which was exactly the approach that worked for me!


Faryal, London


With Alex’s encouragement and support, I embarked upon a 5-day detox. As a result, I have started the year with clearer skin, more energy and my belt a few notches tighter! With Alex’s expert guidance, I will definitely be considering how my eating habits affect my wellbeing and will encourage my friends and family to do the same.


Alexandra, London


Mindfulness Course testimonials

"I have seen a change in myself after just a few sessions. The group, peaceful setting, the readings and opening practice all helped to give me a clearer mind and to feel rooted in the moment. I was grateful for the support and really enjoyed what I learned- great teaching!" - Emma, London. 


"I enjoyed everything about the course! 10/10" - Liz, London.


“I can’t think of anything that could be improved. I think the course was organised and led very nicely and that Alex is a very good teacher. I really like the group support, the safe sharing environment where we could share our experiences without being judged” - Mira, London. 


"Thank you for (this) wonderful course, I so enjoyed it. Alex's meditation course is perfect for beginners, she teaches it in a very methodical way which is easy to understand and there is no pressure whatsoever to get it "right". I would highly recommend Alex's course for anyone wanting to learn this inspiring practice" - Anon, London.


"I enjoyed the group practice, the form the teaching took, the group dynamic (and size of group)… I thought the pacing of the course was also good - practice-discussion-exercises-practice” - Pete, London.


“I really enjoyed the course - it is completely applicable to daily life. Listening to the recordings, I found that more and more I was able to apply the principles when I was out and about” - Ciara, London.


"What I enjoyed most about the course was meeting Alex - a beautiful person inside and out - calm, caring and supportive. I also enjoyed meeting new and friendly people who I could relate to and feel at ease with" - Melissa, London.


“I really enjoyed the course… Alex created an engaging, warm and open environment to talk and share which made a real difference (especially as this is new for me). My favourite aspect of the course was being able to take time for myself and feeling comfortable to do this. Also learning not to judge myself so much” – Penny, London. 


“Alex was very approachable and knowledgeable, she made us all feel very comfortable and it was lovely to meet other like-minded people. My favourite aspects of the course were the meditations and activities, which really made you realise where you could utilise mindfulness in daily life. The discussions were very good and I gained a lot of insight into myself through listening to Alex and to others” – Lindsey, London.


“The course was great and of a high quality. I enjoyed all the practices, even the challenging ones. The readings were great and sharing with others was invaluable. Discussions with Alex were also engaging – she gave generously of herself in each class” – Faryal, London.


“I would highly recommend this course to people – I have found it very helpful, particularly the group discussions and the exercises” – Mel, London.


"I enjoyed having dedicated time to work on myself and learn a new tool for inner peace. I also enjoyed lying down :)" - Max, London

"I enjoyed learning as part of a group and learning from the others’ experiences, which I could relate to. I soon realise we are all in the same boat." - Joe, London.


"I really enjoyed learning about the practices - it has made me see my thoughts differently and with more spaciousness. I felt it was really nourishing - I loved the readings in particular as a way to unlock the meaning behind the practices." - Jess, London.

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